In an attempt to reclaim my large Facebook account for personal use, I unfriended over 4000 people and while doing so learned a lot about Facebook and my ongoing relationship with it.

If you run a blog or website, you will inevitably get backlink or guest post requests. What started as an innocent practice has devolved into an automated process that can best be compared to Spam. Not only is it adding trash to your Inbox, but it is also bringing down the quality of search results.

Even though I often work in a remote digital environment, I have adopted the habit of virtually “walking the grounds” at any job I have. It allows me to keep tabs on what is going on in various parts of the company and make more informed decisions based on first-hand knowledge.

Blogs are a limitless medium. But what if your perception of it as limitless is the very thing keeping you from doing it? If that describes you, I suggest you consider embracing the Finite Blog.