People tend to view too many issues as the choice between two things.  That is rarely the case and the more quickly that you realize that, the happier and easier your life will be.

Well, I guess  sometimes it is just two options.

I started the Crazy Third Option to discuss things that interest me in the online world.  Nowadays that revolves around blogging, social media and process.

About Me

Astronaut, Tugboat Captain, Mad Scientist.

None of these are words I would use to describe myself (yet.)

Until NASA or the Western Towboat Company finally calls me up, I can be found online blogging, tweeting and working for companies that make the internet a more interesting place.

My name is Garry, and I live in beautiful downtown Seattle.

Blog Name

The name of this blog is a paraphrase from a line from the TV show, 30 Rock. In Season 3, Episode 21, Mama Mia, Liz tells Jack to take a chance on meeting his biological father.  Stating that only two things can happen and neither of them will be that bad.  To put a point on that, she states that,

There’s no weird third thing.

A few minutes later, we see that she is dead wrong, when Jack’s Dad asks him for a kidney.

Always consider the the third option, no matter how crazy or weird it might sound.


I use two fonts on this site. Futura PT and Helvetica. 

Helvetica might be a cliche now, but it is still a very legible font and it pairs well with Futura PT.  

I wanted to put some Futura on the site because it might be my favorite font.  I was never sure why until I discovered that it was the font used in the printing of Dungeons & Dragons books.  So a lot of my childhood was powered by Futura. Using a form of it for my headlines is my little ode to that part of my life.