Blogging is not only a great way to share your ideas and interact with people, it can also help to keep the web open.  Make sure when you are blogging, you have chosen the right platform to blog on.

It should be one that allows you complete access to your content at all times. So look towards open source platforms.  This blogs uses WordPress, the Cadillac of blogging platforms.

Blogs are a limitless medium. But what if your perception of it as limitless is the very thing keeping you from doing it? If that describes you, I suggest you consider embracing the Finite Blog.

During times of crisis, blog aggregation could be an invaluable tool for capturing the human side of unfolding events. The only thing needed to accomplish this is the right technology and motivated people with something to say.

Before you start blogging, you don’t need to think about writing or technology. Instead you should stay focused on how you can join or help build a community.

The Albuquerque International Sunport has an amazing name, but outside of the Sunport, you would never know it. That might be partly because local business and hotels are forced to used the term Airport instead of Sunport out of fear that a search engine might not know the difference.

Finding your voice can be difficult when you are starting to blog. Not because it is hard, but because you are hearing other people’s voices. Want to find your voice? Listen to your voice. It will make blogging a lot easier.