Blogging is not only a great way to share your ideas and interact with people, it can also help to keep the web open.  Make sure when you are blogging, you have chosen the right platform to blog on.

It should be one that allows you complete access to your content at all times. So look towards open source platforms.  This blogs uses WordPress, the Cadillac of blogging platforms.

Convenience and comfort is being monetized at a rapid rate. Business realizes that you will pay for basic creature comforts. So now they are developing sophisticated models around inconvenience and an economy is growing around it. If we do not take steps now, it will dominate our future.

Publishing was not always intertwined with the idea of making money. Now it dominates its purpose. News, Information and “content” as a commodity lowers its value. So it is time to reconsider what we mean when we say the word “publish.”

If where you publish is giving you less and less, while requiring more and more, you might want to reconsider your choices. Jump ship from dying or crowded platforms and take ownership of your effort on the open web.

Much like your blog, your social media is a reflection of you. So don’t rush through the process. It won’t take much extra time and will increase your engagement and demonstrate your thoughtfulness to the people you have chosen to surround yourself with online.

You need to think about what will be happening to your posts a year after you publish them. By making some simple decisions now, you can help improve their long term viability and ensure access to your thoughts for years to come.