Podcasts are hugely popular.  Everyone is starting one.  I myself did about a decade ago and I have been doing it regularly since then.

Before you launch your podcast, ask yourself, "Do I have something to say that people will want to hear?" If the answer is, "Maybe?"  You probably have what it takes to join the ranks of podcasters.

Banter podcasts are generally conversational in tone and require two or more people. They are probably the most common type of podcasting. While that is the case, I don’t think people consider their basic formula before starting one.

So let’s take a look at what all of these shows have in common.
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Some words have universal meaning. When someone attempts to use that word to mean something the opposite of what it really means for business purposes, it is deceptive. Pocket Casts is using the word Archive wrong and they must be stopped.
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Recording a podcast is a lot of work. From research to editing and all the places in between, a lot can go wrong.  So what do you do when you are listening to a podcast you recorded and are not happy with the results?

Helpful Podcasting Hint

It might seem obvious to some, but ALWAYS

I am approaching the 10th anniversary of having a podcast. I started it as an adjunct to my blog and didn’t think I would be doing it for this long. But, here I am.

The problem was, some people liked it. Which is a great problem to have.  It was not a ton right