Customer Service is probably the most important part of any company.  Yet, so many companies are really bad at it. If you can make customers feel better about your product, you inspire loyalty and hopefully sell future products.

We should never be too cynical to embrace the old adage, the customer is always right.

Customer Success mean helping your customer reach their goals while using your products or services. So post-adoption, are you making them better users capable of hitting those goals? If not, expect them to come crashing back to your world to cancel and never be heard from again.

In the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco, the fast chain In-N-Out Burger has a location.  It is a sort of big deal location-wise.  Tourists flock to this area of San Francisco, many of them from locations not served by In-N-Out.  So they make it a point to treat themselves to this legendary burger establishment.

Dick’s Drive-In is a popular fast food hamburger chain in the Greater Seattle Area.  They are a “drive-in” in that you arrive to almost all of their locations via car, then get out and order your food.  They do have one non-drive-in location in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, which follows the same ordering system