The Crazy Third Option does not have a commenting system attached to it.  The option exists for me to use Disqus, but I have opted out.

I do love the idea of comments, but I think we can all agree that over the last decade, the majority of comments you see online have taken two forms, SPAM or non-discussion generating statements.

I agree! Great Post!

SPAM is easy to be against.  It is a terrible part of the internet experience.  It is noise that generates revenue.  Since most of the comments I receive on other blogs I have run, get mostly SPAM, this alone is a great reason for me to stop having comments.

My blog should not be a platform for other people to make money, nor should it help to make the internet a worse place.

You are wrong. Worst site ever!

The other type of comments I get most are just that, comments.  Statements about how they disagree or even agree with my post, with nothing to back them up.  While it is nice to get someone to agree with you, these are little more than benign SPAM.

99%+ of my comments has fallen into these two categories.  So do I keep an archaic system going in the hopes that I will get a single comment?  It is unnecessary, especially when a great deal of discussion and debate has moved to social media platforms.

Sure, some blogs do draw a lot of discussion.  But let’s be realistic, the Crazy Third Option, which is a personal blog, has very little chance of turning into one.

So I am doing my part to hopefully make the web more pleasant.  I have taken away the noise from the bottom of every one of my posts by not turning on commenting. And instead of wasting my time moderating posts and blocking SPAM, I can spend my time engaging with people on larger platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn.

It is a little sad that discussion on small sites might altogether disappear someday, but comments had their chance.  For a while they were full of promise and they failed.  So until someone figures out a better way to do them, do your part and join me in removing comment sections from blogs.