Fast food is the ultimate consumer product. By watching how and why people can consume it, we can learn a lot about people's behavior and how they will react to other products.

Also, I just like the stuff.

In the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco, the fast chain In-N-Out Burger has a location.  It is a sort of big deal location-wise.  Tourists flock to this area of San Francisco, many of them from locations not served by In-N-Out.  So they make it a point to treat themselves to this legendary burger establishment.

Dick’s Drive-In is a popular fast food hamburger chain in the Greater Seattle Area.  They are a “drive-in” in that you arrive to almost all of their locations via car, then get out and order your food.  They do have one non-drive-in location in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, which follows the same ordering system

I enjoy visiting fast food restaurants.  So many that it elicits an eye roll and a groan from most people. Yes, I enjoy the food at many of these places, but I also enjoy how they are organized.

The preparation and delivery of food in the last 70 years has been an amazing achievement of