The Internet is filled with noise.  Random comments, pointless content unwatched videos and redundant podcasts.  We contribute to this digital pollution ever day, without much thought, but this pollution lowers the quality of the online experience.

This will eventually kill the open web and we all need to do our part to no let that happen.

If you run a blog or website, you will inevitably get backlink or guest post requests. What started as an innocent practice has devolved into an automated process that can best be compared to Spam. Not only is it adding trash to your Inbox, but it is also bringing down the quality of search results.

It is pretty easy to make fun of pop ups and interstitials.  They interfere with the web experience and for the most part are annoyances.  But people continue to utilize them, because they work.

I spend a lot of time looking at lawyer’s websites.  Lawyers are group of people who eagerly seek out work.  Like

So you have found a subject you are passionate about and started blogging.  You even managed to surround yourself with a group of like-minded people and a small community is forming.  You should be on top of the world, but you are feeling a weird pull towards something else.

You determine you want a write

The Crazy Third Option does not have a commenting system attached to it.  The option exists for me to use Disqus, but I have opted out.

I do love the idea of comments, but I think we can all agree that over the last decade, the majority of comments you see online have taken two