The Internet is filled with noise.  Random comments, pointless content unwatched videos and redundant podcasts.  We contribute to this digital pollution ever day, without much thought, but this pollution lowers the quality of the online experience.

This will eventually kill the open web and we all need to do our part to no let that happen.

Twitter does not give you much room for customization.  Luckily other tools exist that will allow you to tailor your Twitter interface to suit you.

One of the most powerful of those tool is your trusty Ad Blocker.

Not only can it remove distracting or unwanted ads, you can also use it to remove any

We should all be passionate about reducing the noise around us online. The clutter makes it difficult to process good information and just makes any experience painful. Sometimes the reduction needs to come from the content creators, but a more sound option is to take matters into your own hands.  Luckily you have options.