If you hate meetings? You have not been in a good meeting.
Meetings should engage its participant, it should have a goal, and it should be the length it needs to be.

People continue to complain and yet I see them repeating the exact same patterns again and again. Let's take a look at some ideas and maybe come up with some suggestions to improve meetings and make them more productive.

Dungeons & Dragons can teach us a lot about being adaptable in any situation. It is a also great way to build social skills. While it not currently listed on people’s resumes, maybe it should be.

I like a good meeting at work.  Unfortunately so many meetings degenerate quickly and become messy and counterproductive.  

What is one bad meeting?  Not much.  But a pattern of bad meetings will cause attendees to make excuses to not show, or when they do, be less than attentive.  Fortunately you can do some simple things