Everything needs to be organized. Otherwise we have chaos and despite what chaos creators might suggest, chaos does not get stuff done. This is especially true when it comes to groups.

If you are not reorganizing and reinventing how and why you do stuff on a regular basis, you are not getting better.

Even though I often work in a remote digital environment, I have adopted the habit of virtually “walking the grounds” at any job I have. It allows me to keep tabs on what is going on in various parts of the company and make more informed decisions based on first-hand knowledge.

The pressure to communicate speedily can often lead to poorly-chosen negative words that can leave people around you feeling uneasy. By just modifying your tone, word placement, or even punctuation, you would be surprised how big of a change this can have on your relationships with the people around you.

For some people cleaning is not fun. I happen to enjoy it a great deal, but while staying home for the last few weeks I merged my love for rolling dice and organizing to add a fun wrinkle to my daily cleaning.

When you look at your work, do you see yourself reflected back? If not, you might want to look more closely. Understanding our relationship with our accomplishments can give us both a sense of pride and a deeper understanding of why we work.

I have found it useful to look at Comparative Advantage when making decisions around resource allocation and management. It is a pretty simple concept to grasp and it might help you make more logical choices for your team, your company and yourself.