Everything needs to be organized. Otherwise we have chaos and despite what chaos creators might suggest, chaos does not get stuff done. This is especially true when it comes to groups.

If you are not reorganizing and reinventing how and why you do stuff on a regular basis, you are not getting better.

It is great to get stuff done. But done need not be a binary state. If you add some levels to done, you will improve your skills and the stuff you get done will be better. This road to better starts by slowing down.

Dungeons & Dragons can teach us a lot about being adaptable in any situation. It is a also great way to build social skills. While it not currently listed on people’s resumes, maybe it should be.

Basic checklists are built for speed, but sometimes slowing down while trying to get stuff done is actually better than rushing. So adjust how you do checklists to slow down and improve your tasks.