The pressure to communicate speedily can often lead to poorly-chosen negative words that can leave people around you feeling uneasy. By just modifying your tone, word placement, or even punctuation, you would be surprised how big of a change this can have on your relationships with the people around you.

During times of crisis, blog aggregation could be an invaluable tool for capturing the human side of unfolding events. The only thing needed to accomplish this is the right technology and motivated people with something to say.

Your decision to silo your own podcast could be costing you success. Your audience is everywhere and you should be making efforts to reach out to as many people as possible even if you are not sure how they found you.

Before you run out and start a podcast, please consider what is motivating you. It is an ultracompetitive saturated medium that will challenge even the most patient creator. If you can set your expectations before starting, you might find the experience of creating a show to be a lot more satisfying.

Before you start blogging, you don’t need to think about writing or technology. Instead you should stay focused on how you can join or help build a community.

For some people cleaning is not fun. I happen to enjoy it a great deal, but while staying home for the last few weeks I merged my love for rolling dice and organizing to add a fun wrinkle to my daily cleaning.