The Albuquerque International Sunport has an amazing name, but outside of the Sunport, you would never know it. That might be partly because local business and hotels are forced to used the term Airport instead of Sunport out of fear that a search engine might not know the difference.

Finding your voice can be difficult when you are starting to blog. Not because it is hard, but because you are hearing other people’s voices. Want to find your voice? Listen to your voice. It will make blogging a lot easier.

It is great to get stuff done. But done need not be a binary state. If you add some levels to done, you will improve your skills and the stuff you get done will be better. This road to better starts by slowing down.

When searching for a compliment for a co-worker. One word you might want to stay clear of is “tedious.” While you might think you are complimenting them, they might see it as an insult.