It is great to get stuff done. But done need not be a binary state. If you add some levels to done, you will improve your skills and the stuff you get done will be better. This road to better starts by slowing down.

When searching for a compliment for a co-worker. One word you might want to stay clear of is “tedious.” While you might think you are complimenting them, they might see it as an insult.

Convenience and comfort is being monetized at a rapid rate. Business realizes that you will pay for basic creature comforts. So now they are developing sophisticated models around inconvenience and an economy is growing around it. If we do not take steps now, it will dominate our future.

Publishing was not always intertwined with the idea of making money. Now it dominates its purpose. News, Information and “content” as a commodity lowers its value. So it is time to reconsider what we mean when we say the word “publish.”