The Internet Archive has a way for you to turn any search you run there that contains audio files into a podcast. It is a fun way to expand your podcasting world and it only takes a few minutes to learn.

Your first couple of days of a new job can be stressful. It will take you a while to learn everything about your new position, but in the meantime take every opportunity you can to remove another difficult part of a new job and get to know your co-workers ASAP.

Much like your blog, your social media is a reflection of you. So don’t rush through the process. It won’t take much extra time and will increase your engagement and demonstrate your thoughtfulness to the people you have chosen to surround yourself with online.

Perceived Obsolescence can cause a consumer to make an irrational purchasing decision. This irrationality runs rampant in web design decision-making. Web professionals should make sure they are doing our best to prevent this sort of wasteful behavior

You need to think about what will be happening to your posts a year after you publish them. By making some simple decisions now, you can help improve their long term viability and ensure access to your thoughts for years to come.

You took the time to write a compelling blog post and feel great about yourself. Before you step away from your post, why not take a few extra steps that just might make the act of publishing a little more enjoyable and rewarding.