I am approaching the 10th anniversary of having a podcast. I started it as an adjunct to my blog and didn’t think I would be doing it for this long. But, here I am.

The problem was, some people liked it. Which is a great problem to have.  It was not a ton right away, but enough to give me the positive feeback loop I needed to keep trying.  Eventually the show became more popular for its niche.

During this growth period, I got what I would call constructive criticism on my show. This felt like part of the process and I would respond and try to fix aspects of the show I thought could use some help.

Then the show started to gain steam.  At this point the feedback increased rapidly.  Now, while some of this feedback was kind, the majority of it was critical.

Your show would be so much better if you had another person.  I am sorry, but you are just really boring. Your delivery is dull.

The critical stuff was a mixed bag.  Some was the useful type, technical insight or mistakes in my presentation.  The rest was the mean-spirited stuff we all fear, but hope will not hit you.

I read it all. It ran the gambit from humorous to insulting to outright threatening.

I have a suggestion for how you can improve your show.  Kill yourself.

I have been on the web long enough to expect this behavior.  Still, it was weird for all these strangers to be reaching out with their comments, good or bad.

I decided to write this email for anyone who might be searching for how to deal with negative comments or feedback on their podcasts.  

I just want you to know that sadly, it is normal. Anyone who puts themselves out there is going to have to deal with people who with a few keystrokes can make your day brighter or darker.

So keep on going.  Remember that it is a very small portion of people who leave any feedback.   These people do not represent everyone.  

Easily one of the best podcasts available for your listening pleasure. Highly recommended.

Eventually you will find your audience.  People who appreciate what you are trying to do.  This is why you started doing this in the first place.  So find those people and treasure them.  Those are YOUR people, they make this all worthwhile.